Ferret Kisses

and some war dances too

25 Sep

Anonymous said: Are your ferrets raw-fed?

Yes my ferrets are fed raw beef mince, steak and chicken, but they also have access to dry kitten biscuits to help keep their teeth clean as we haven’t been successful in getting them to crunch on bones.

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25 Sep

Sleepy Kodi

10 Aug Slinky’s ready for her close up

Slinky’s ready for her close up

10 Aug

The boys love it when we roll the hallway rug up into a really long tunnel

10 Aug

sorry for the lack of posts lately

life’s just been a bit all over the place, ill try to start posting more regularly again :) :)

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25 Jul Slinky


24 Jul Cooper


12 Jun Kodi Fast Asleep

Kodi Fast Asleep

04 Jun My Sweet Boy Cooper :)

My Sweet Boy Cooper :)

04 Jun Soma watching Slinky

Soma watching Slinky